Saturday, July 25, 2015

Our Two Chief Weapons

After this question was asked on a Fetlife group, I asked Master what his top five fetishes were.

He said "I just have one.  Control".

I got all squishy.

Then he added "And force.  Control and force, force and control.  Those are my two chief fetishes."

I was a little more squishy, but also he was making it sound like Monty Python.  A giggle was coming on.

He went on:  "And floggers.  I really love my floggers.  My three chief fetishes are control, force and floggers.  And a ruthless efficiency."  

Now I was laughing.  

"Four fetishes.  No.  Amongsty our weaponry are such diverse elements as control, force, floggers, fear, compulsion, ruthless efficiency and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope."

 The Spanish Inquisition



  1. The Inquisition...what a show!

  2. My favorite MP bit, there. LOL
    <3 this post!

    1. I just never get tired of it, amazing after so many years, still funny.


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