Sunday, July 19, 2015

Craving Punishment

This is one of those unfathomable things to me, since I don't really want trouble (or do I??), but sometimes I crave punishment worse than a chocoholic craves that next candy bar. 

 I see it my head, but it rarely (very rarely) happens.  I don't act up for punishment, but I wish I could. I don't do it because it never works out well for me.  Acting up doesn't get me what I want.  Instead, I end up with what I don't want.   But I continue to imagine it.  
 I see him in my head turning on me with a glare after a cheeky remark, his hand comes up and slaps me hard.  Maybe he grips the back of my hair first and then slaps me, to make sure I don't get away.  Or I'm watching him put on his belt and I imagine instead he tells me that I haven't been attentive enough, or have been too saucy, or I got sloppy with one of my tasks, or his shirts were wrinkled, or anything really,  and I am going to be punished.  The belt comes down really, really hard.  There is no orgasm, no sex, nothing but that belt, and his orders to do better in the future.

This is the random stuff that has been running through my head all the time. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, I'm really not sure I get it myself, but it is one of those things lurking around in my head that I thought I would try to write out.

  2. This happens to me when I want Daddys full attention. I get all bratty and I slack off on things...but underneath it all all I want is the pain.

  3. Ok I totally have the Daddy and belt fantasy as well. This one is a biggie with me. I remember when we were doing our check lists and how hard it was to be honest. I remember clicking yes no maybe as I went down the list. Then it was belt and I got a little bold and put a little note going this one would rock my world. It so lived up to the hype I must say.

  4. I very much relate to this. When my Master is putting his belt on my cunt quivers and I find myself wishing he'd take it back off and spank me hard whether I deserve it or not. I'm getting wet now typing this... I don't even have to see the belt really. The buckle is noisy when he starts to slide it thru the pant loops so just hearing it sends my juicy bits and mind into a tizzy.


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