Monday, July 20, 2015

Familial Humiliation: The Best Kind (Where is that sarcasm font?)

Master's mother and step father both came over this morning.  They had a hotel room last night.  But they were over this morning again (arriving right in the middle of our morning fucking so we had to scramble up.  Master came on my face anyway- heh). 

After showers, I was doing some laundry, and had dropped a sock on my way down to the basement laundry room.  Master picked it up and told me to catch it.  When I did, and everyone was looking at me, I also caught Master's raised eyebrows and significant look.  I shook my head and stomped my foot, but he cleared his throat meaningfully and gave me that insistent glare across the table.

I knew what he wanted.  

I was dreadfully embarrassed (I embarrass easily in front of people) and I tried to scuttle off, but I was pinned again by his gaze until I gave him what he wanted.  

In my quiet, squeaky Dobby voice I said "Master has given Dobby a sock.  Dobby is a free elf now."

I guess this was hilarious to all present.

Later on when we were alone he told me "Of course that doesn't apply to slave cunts like you.  You will never be free."

That is a Hallmark card right there.



  1. Hallmark indeed! I lol'd too! :)

  2. lol - Harry Potter nerds!

    You must admit it was kind of funny.


  3. It was, in fact, hilarious!
    DM, Master of ksst


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