Sunday, July 26, 2015

Under the Bus

As soon as we arrived at the party last night I was thrown under the bus. Actually, in the bus.  There was a little fisher price type bus and someone put my name in twice to be drawn out and spin the wheel to do activities with, well, anyone who had put their name in as a Top.

  Master had previously approved my playing the game and I was called up right away.  My spinner landed on "Wash feet" and "Receive light flogging" for and from two different Tops.   It was a good way to break out of the whole vanilla wedding mindset and into kinky fun times mindset.  We went straight from the former to the latter and I was having trouble getting my mind ready.  Putting my leather collar on helped, but kneeling on the ground and washing a man's feet helped even more.  Then the flogging, a warm up.  So delicious.

We watched an electric play scene, then Master and two women, one sub and the other her Dominant/Mommy took me into a side room and S. beat the crap out of me while Master did the same to the other sub.  It was all good and extremely hot, until a few hours in when I looked around the room and suddenly had this weird captive feeling, like "This is the rest of my life right here. I will never get out of this room and this beating will never end."  It was freaky.  And frightening. But then we we cuddling on the bed and the pain was over. The knives were put away.  We scoured the room for lost condoms and ripped clothes.  It was late.  When Master looked at his watch, he realized we'd been in that room for more than three hours.   

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