Saturday, July 4, 2015

That Was Certainly Hot

Master was teasing me with the lighter again this morning.  The clicking, the flame, the way he plays with my mind drive me to distraction, whimpering and "Master, please..." in short order.

He put the hot lighter on my thigh and it left a little red sore mark.  It actually felt kind of nice though, like a good whack with a stick feels some minutes later.  He said "I want to brand your butt". 

I got all excited.  I don't know why.  Stupid masochist.

He told me to roll over, then he got the lighter (one of those camping/grilling ones with the long metal bit) really good and hot and pressed it to my backside.  Then he did the other side.  He told me to come as he was taking it off, and I did.  It was really hot. 

He took some pictures.  

Then we played a fun little game where I had to count down from 100, saying my arousal cue word with each number as he whacked me all over- thighs, ass, breasts, arms, face- with the big spoon.  I couldn't orgasm until I got to 0.   He put a leather strap around my neck and held it tight.   I said each number, though there was some confusion in the middle when he had to remind me what number I was on.   It was a huge squirty one after all that! 


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  1. Lighters are off limits here .. allthough I like fire a alot .. a whole lot. Nice marks ;)


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