Thursday, July 9, 2015

Master's Tease

Master had a half day today, and we went out for lunch to celebrate our anniversary, which is tomorrow (22 years!).

But first, I had to go upstairs to change out of my sheep herding clothes into my going out clothes.  He came with me to put on something different also.

He locked the door behind him, which is a signal that he had "plans" for me.  I stood waiting for him, half dressed, and he pushed me to my knees.  I undid his belt and pants, but when I went to grab his cock he slapped my hand.  Instead he stroked it himself, right in my face, inches from my mouth.  I figured he didn't want me to do anything until he told me, so I just looked up at him with longing. Then he grabbed my hair and pulled me to my feet.   He exposed my breasts, then slammed me back down to the floor and thrust into my mouth hard, just a few times (yummy violence!), before he pulled out and told me to get ready.

Such a tease!   


  1. Happy anniversary for tomorrow, anything special planned?

    oh i do love a bit of violence especially when you dont see it coming.

  2. Happy anniversary ! Well timed and directed violence is key :)


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