Saturday, June 13, 2015

Thing One and Thing Two

This morning I went to drop off the kids and then to let Mystique's dogs out.  When I got home, Saumya had just arrived and Master was talking to her.  I waited at the door until given instructions because I didn't want to interrupt.  I noticed that while I was out Master had carried the largest dog crate up from the basement and lined it with my favorite fuzzy blanket.   

I admire her bravery in giving herself over to Master for a CNC scene that could last half the day, or even more if you count it continuing all the way from last Saturday until now. I mean, sure, he hasn't done anything fatal or harmful to me, but she doesn't know him as well as I do (not that I mean anything bad, I just think it must be harder for her than for me), plus she says she is not a painslut at all.  Her former limits were suspended.  He informed her that she could still say red and he'd take it under advisement what to do next.

He told me to strip upstairs.  When I came back he told me to go put on something filmy instead. 
By that time she was on a leash and in the crate.  On his order, she came out, I went in.  He addressed both of us only as "it" and as 

 "thing one" (me) and "thing two" (her).  Objectification.  Dehumanizing.  Just delicious.

Master had his buck knife and the sharpener laid out on the kitchen table.
He sharpened the knife.  The sound makes my skin tingle.
Then he began cutting her dress.  He sliced it right down the sides and cut it all off, exposing her lovely corset and stockings.  I could feel her breathing and it excited me. 

We spent time pleasuring Master, taking turns like that, in and out of the crate, then he had me fetch the cutting board.  There was some moderately heavy paddling, and he sent us upstairs.  I think this was the first time I actually lifted my head to look at her.  I'd been looking down a lot I realized, but I was feeling more submissive than anything, more submissive than aroused even.   So far.  

That didn't last long as Master quickly tied us together and began beating both of us with the heavy cutting board, and then the heavy hickory cane.  A little reprieve of the belt. It hurts less.  It makes me want to come.

A flogging, the thinner willow cane, and then he untied us and we knelt  to share his cock while he used the cane more.  It hurt worse in that position, kneeling.  It was the tip or the angle or something, and we both had a hard time bearing up.  I hoped she wasn't having regrets at that point.

Now I was very wet and ready to come.  Instead he set me to kneeling in front of her and licking her as she got a hard flogging.  His floggers are quite stingy.

There was much more groping, licking and sucking, and even a bit of fucking before he put a leash on me and took her to bed.  I was allowed to be there also; for a little we fucked around, then he told me to go fetch a chair from the other room.

He came over and tied me into it.   My feet were buckled to a bar attached to the legs, and my arms thoroughly roped up to the chair arms.  As the ropes slid across my skin and gradually tightened I began to float away into a happy place.  A craving came over me.   I asked to be slapped.  He reminded me harshly that I was his thing as he slapped my face over and over.

 He went back to the bed.  He tied her hands to the headboard.  Watching them tied up this way didn't feel the way I thought it would in my fantasy.  There was no jealousy, only a happy floaty sort of feeling as I sat struggling slightly against my bonds and rubbing my thighs together wantonly.  I couldn't come yet.  He even said specific things to prickle and scare me, but I was content.  

Yes, I wanted to get fucked, but it wasn't a desperate want, it was more of a hope that it would be my turn later.   He had her say one of my code words, and then he told me to come several times.  I was dripping wet down even to my ankles.

When he was done and had come he threw the condom at me and it stayed there squishily on my chest.  I kind of liked that.  Even for the pictures (blush, I don't think this is my best angle, but here goes).

Thing one.

He untied me and invited me to cuddle in bed.  After a bit of a nap, she got up to shower and, surprising me, Master was raring to go again.  He asked if I could taste her and the condom.  He was soon hard again and fucked me, made me come, and then stuck his cock in my ass without warning (I yipped) before going to join her in the shower.
At least there was no wooden spoon this time, unlike both Thursday and Friday nights when I got a pretty heavy dose, from which my butt was still sore this morning and is more sore now.

After my shower, Master took us out to a restaurant-- some absolutely delicious Korean food.  I was starved.  

What a great day.  I am so happy Master fulfilled so many of his fantasies, and judging from the puddles she was quite happy too. 

 Of course, he still had more things on his list that he didn't get to this time... figging?


  1. mmmmm figging… and I think he handled you both just right!

  2. Yummie .. and such a lovely necklace !

  3. Wait...wut? Figging?

    1. LOL maybe another day. And he didn't use the zapper thing either!

    2. Yes, I mentioned that before leaving...He had evil plans to use it on very delicate bits to show us how it doesn't hurt.

  4. ooooh yummy! thing one & two and being 'it'... *swoon* and I so want a dog cage.

    Oh, and the condom thing - super hot!


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