Monday, June 8, 2015

Part III: Extreme Naughtiness

Master took the spreader bar and fastened one end to Saumya's right wrist and the other to my left wrist.  Thus shackled together, we were bent over the table together.  Master flogged us at the same time, which was lovely.  It didn't hurt a bit. He also used the misery stick, which did hurt. We were both fondled and kissed, and spanked. 

When he pulled us back to standing, Master began kissing her and he ordered me to the ground, his hand on his belt.  I didn't have to ask what he wanted.  I finished undoing it and pulled down his shorts, then took his cock in my mouth.  After a few minutes he pulled me up and pushed her down.   We traded places.   I enjoyed holding his cock and putting into her mouth.  I licked his balls. 
It was so hot! 

There was much mutual groping, fingering and kissing until he told me to lie on the ground. I obeyed, and he started fucking me, right there on the porch. Yeah, I was expecting this, but it was still a bit shocking.  Someday I may get used to being a complete public slut.  That shocked feeling only lasted a second and then I was swept up in delicious sensations.  I was way over-primed for this, so desperate to feel him deep inside me.  Master told her to sit on my face. Meanwhile he pulled out of my cunt and he made her suck him as I licked her.

He told me to get up and her to lie down.  I fetched him a condom out of our bag and then I knelt to one side and watched as he fucked her  It was more beautiful than I can express when she had a huge orgasm and her face took on the most amazing glow. 

Some people came round the back and saw us there, fucking and kneeling, respectively, and commented, "Woops, sorry we'll leave".

Then another group came by and said almost the same thing "Woops sorry, we won't interrupt".

Then another couple came around the house, "Woops, sorry, but can we watch?"

By the third time it happened all three of us had dissolved into helpless laughter! 

No worries, maties, honest!  If we wanted privacy we would have got a hotel. 

 It sure didn't end our fun; afterward we cuddled in a soggy pile.


  1. I think i have said this before...i cant remember...but its reading scenes like this that do make me miss playing with others, when it just comes together really well, and everyone is enjoying themselves.


  2. The whole experience sounds amazing!
    There is something about playing outdoors...playing in front of others and you showed such a sense of fun in your telling :-)

  3. Sounds like a ton of fun. Listening to you Master making someone else groan and cry.... totally hot!


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