Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Wednesday

Wednesday I got special permission to go out for coffee with Mystique and a new person who wants to try out going to a munch. It is always nice to recognize some faces when you show up somewhere new, so we were happy to do that.  Usually, my Master would have to go with me, but since he was working I got special permission to go with Mystique.

We spent three hours chatting, and after that I went grocery shopping, also with Mystique since she wanted to pick up some lunch.

By the time I got home and ate lunch it was pretty much time to make dinner, as lasagna was on my plan and it takes two hours.  The kids and I had to be done eating to go to a school meeting at 5:00.  After we got back from that, Master ate and I rubbed his back and then his feet.  This time I kicked the most annoying dogs outside so they wouldn't keep trying to sit on my lap as I sit on the floor.

At bedtime I waited for Master.  He told me to get into bed and began fucking me right away, no preamble.  He punched me in the chest quite hard, and a bunch of times.  He let me use the vibrator and come as I rode him and he twisted my nipples (oo, that was painfully hot!) and punched and slapped me.  He rolled me over and pounded into me a long time.  I was certainly walking funny this morning! 


  1. Blimey, Im assuming you must make your lasagne from scratch....I cheat and use jars lol


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