Sunday, September 6, 2015

Flogging as Interpretive Dance

Yesterday was our monthly local munch, and Master was in charge this time (can you hear the "Bwahahahaha"?).

He gave an introduction to flogging as the topic, and in my biased opinion it was very entertaining.  

He did all the regular stuff: safety, basic strokes, etc. and then went into talking about taking the scene somewhere, having a plan and some flow to it.  He began a little dance and singing as he flogged one of his demo bottoms:

Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner

Yes, I giggled.
 After the munch most of us went out to dinner, ate too much and then Master, Saumya and I went back to her house.   We were all feeling tired and full, so we lazed around and watched some TV for a bit.  I thought for a while there wasn't going to be any play, and I was ok with just cuddling, but Master eventually started us off slowly, working up to a rather intense experience.  I actually have a bruise still visible on my ass from his tire tread paddle.  
Also, something totally new for me, she and I shared the Hitachi between us as I rode on top, as Master was flogging me.

 How hot was that? 

 Extremely.  :)


  1. I recall many years ago now, reading something someone had wrote about how it is a dance between sadist and masochist, it resonated with me deeply, I wish I had kept it, because it was beautifully described and so apt.

    It sounds very hot, I have had one experience with the Hitachi and omg!!! (they don't sell them here in the UK, alas).

  2. I top like it's a dance. I enjoy having a play list set up with songs of varying tempos and the scene follows the music. I've been told I shimmy when I florentine. lol

    Speaking of dance flogging specifically, one of my play partners is also a belly dancer and we've discussed belly dancing with floggers before.


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