Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Bye Bye Bra

"How much do you like this bra?"

He'd barely given me time to strip everthing else off after I'd sucked his cock fully dressed, before he pulled me up on top of him.  See, I'd made some naughty videos for him during the day, and I guess he liked them!

I told him it was an old one.  He yanked it hard and the back of it ripped apart.  He wadded it up and shoved it in my mouth, then slapped and mauled the boobies.  He took the bra out and made me put it back on so he could rip the front too.  Yeep!  I should go shopping soon.  :)

After that we walked together.  I had a total of 4.5 miles yesterday, the first two by myself (well, with the dogs).  Last week I did 19 miles, and 3 of those as jogging for a mile at a time.  I didn't gain weight.  I got a tummy blow anyway, one for the hell of it and another last night because I never finished cleaning the fridge yesterday.  I did it this morning right away, as well as worked my dog, Pepper.  I let her put too much pressure on the sheep as she was driving them and they decided to make a break THROUGH the fence.  Now I'll have to fix it.  It was my own fault. At least it was only a fence between pastures and not at the edge.

Later on last night I was pretty much craving some beating, but didn't know if he was interested.  As I waited for him on my knees I was debated asking for it vs. just going to bed.   

It turned out I didn't have to.  As soon as he entered the room he ordered me to get up and to grab my dresser.  I think we all know what that means.   He gave me a good hard flogging and we both felt so relaxed and happy afterward.  It was really wonderful. 

And then today our youngest fell off the playground equipment at recess and broke his hand.  I spent the afternoon at the hospital. 

Life, you know?  All ups and downs. 


  1. Yes!! I totally get the "want" vs asking for it. I'm glad in that post he was on the same wavelength as you were. I'm also sorry about your son, a broken hand is pretty crappy and I hope he makes the best of this recovery time.

    Yay, you:)

    1. Thanks! He seems to be more annoyed by the splint than in pain today, which is good.

  2. I have actually had the same struggle with asking vs. wanting. Yours turned out much better than mine.

    Sorry about the broken hand. Afternoons in the hospital are the worst.

    1. Thank you! I wrote a bunch on your blog today. I hope it was helpful. This seems to be a common theme of struggle for a lot of us.


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