Saturday, September 26, 2015

Warm Up, Schwarm up

Last night he simply started in with the hard flogging and then caning.  Each one made me lift my foot and struggle to hold position.  He told me to kneel.   I took his cock in my mouth and arched my back, presenting my ass for what I knew was coming.   The cane came down hard, at just such an angle it really stung. 

 I accidentally moved one arm too far back and caught one on the elbow, but most of the force of that blow was still on my back.        I whimpered but kept sucking.  See, as hard as those were, if I stop it gets harder. So, keep sucking.  He took me, used his cunt for his pleasure.  I went to sleep a very happy girl.

And again this morning.  After my sheep escapades, and making breakfast, then cleaning up, he told me to get upstairs and put my butt plug in.  He used me again, some light humiliation, and I loved it.  I came so hard I soaked blankets and sheets. 

During the shower he told me to kneel, as he does almost every time.  My knees hadn't even touched the tub floor before a hot stream hit me in the chest.  He was really well hydrated too.  The silly things one notices!  My face got closer and closer as the pissing went on and on.  My fascination.  He pulled me towards him and I took him in my mouth to suck the last bit.   

"Get up and wash yourself now.  You're disgusting." 

I stood, smiling back at him, knowing how loved I am, how lucky.  

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  1. A wonderful way to end a day...and then a lovely way to start a new one...
    hugs abby


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