Thursday, September 10, 2015


As Master was getting out of bed this morning he ordered me to have two orgasms today, and either take video or write about them.   Oh, the hard tasks a slave must do, woe is me!... just kidding.  It did take quite a bit of time though, since I wanted to make sure I had some good slutty video for him, so there was set up and playing around.  I enjoyed it all immensely.  I hope he will be pleased.  The second time around, a few hours after the first, I used the butt plug and also a dildo.  

Last night he was rather stern and hard, for want of a better word, with me and I loved it.  He has that attitude sometimes.  He calls me "it", reminds me that I have no choices, no say, that I am three holes for his pleasure.  I get all gooey and mushy at such times.  

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  1. Yeah being called it or thing does it for me too, more so than whore or slut, or anything else come to that, I think like you said it's that way it has the effect of being reminded that one is simply a vessel for their pleasures.


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