Sunday, September 13, 2015


Last night we drove down for a play party in another town.  My ass was still sore from the fucking it had gotten earlier (it had been awhile since it got that much action!).

 First, for dinner, we met some friends who were also going, which was a lot of fun.  The Thai restaurant was swamped with customers and the service very slow, so that gave us lots of time to talk.  The food was delicious, the company even better.

We didn't have any play dates with other people set up for the party this time, it was just him playing with me, making the event much more mellow and less frantic than some of the other ones we've been to.  There was a lot more time for watching other people play and simply talking and cuddling.  I enjoyed it.  

He tied me to the cross and flogged me, then beat me with the misery stick.  Fifty hard strokes.  I was slightly in subspace when he stopped to untie and then turn me around.  Then he flogged and used the stick on my front, including my cunt.

Afterward Master led me over to cuddle and sit in Mystique's lap.  She'd recently finished playing with her Hasufel, and the guys sat to either side of us.  We listened to a very silly song (What the Fuck?) and laughed maybe more than necessary.

We took a break for a while; Master sat in a chair and I was at his feet, then he said he either needed to beat me again or go home.  He looked like he might be falling asleep in his seat!

Beating was the obvious answer.

This time he had me on a massage table and started with paddles. Long, hard paddles.  And the misery stick.  And what felt like a knife but was actually a claw.  I don't remember much after that, except that it made me really horny and I really wanted to suck his cock.  Eventually, when he was done with the beating, he let me.  It was good for me, and evidently for him too.   As I knelt at his feet slapped my cheeks with his belt, which was totally fucking hot.  



  1. Sounds like you had fun. I'm excited for our next party. I need a beating.

    Although, I don't think I'd like your misery stick. lol

    1. It is the name, right? My nipples are still sore today from that stick.

    2. I think I've heard of them before. Is it like a super thin cane like object?

    3. It is a super thin carbon fiber cane.


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