Saturday, September 12, 2015

One thing that does not turn me on

I know, they are few and far between, the things that can totally block my arousal even when I'm on my knees sucking his cock. 

Zombie movies. 

Sorry, Master, they don't do anything for me.  Not that I would dare to judge.  (especially with the things that I like cough tentacle porn...)

Thursday night as he watched some horrible show called Coed Zombie Hookers (or something) he had me suck him, then he took me, dry cunted, and all but unwilling, there on the couch.  I didn't really warm up to it until we went upstairs, but that was ok with him.  At these times I am simply his thing to use.

Once in the bedroom he flogged me hard, then beat me with the misery stick as I knelt in front of him and whimpered.  And sucked.

By then I was wet, and he fucked me and made me come, a bunch of times.   Sleep is so delicious after this treatment.

Friday night, he was tired so there was just a short session of cock sucking and then sleep. 

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