Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Four ings

Master sent me a message yesterday from work saying that I should expect "the four ings" when he got home.

The four ings, in code, are, of course, cooking, sucking, fucking and beating.  Or sometimes walking.

Cooking, I was already done with by the time he got home.  I served his salad, and then we had chicken, rice and zucchini.

After tea, he went upstairs to change clothes for our walk, and I followed him.  Instead of changing, he lay down on the bed and began to read the journal entry I'd written for him that day.

"You know the rules", he said.

And I do.  I unbuckled his pants and took out his cock. I began sucking without even getting undressed.  Eventually our clothes found their way to the floor and we were fucking.  Then he was beating on me, punching me hard in the chest.  

He finished with me on the floor on my hands and knees, his hand gripping my hair and pulling hard.  He pulled back and punched me in the ass repeatedly.  Then he let me use the vibrator to come as he slapped and flicked my cunt.  I asked if I could have his cock in my face while I came, and he knelt next to my face as I lay on the floor. 

We never did go for our walk. 


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