Friday, September 11, 2015

Ashley Madison

I hadn't heard of Ashley Madison until this scandal of their data being hacked made the news.  Overall, I feel a bit "meh" about the whole thing.  It is kind of humorous when supposedly right wing holier than thou peeps get caught trying to cheat, but then not really that funny thinking of all the other data that can be hacked and spread around.

Last week though, Master told me he may have at one time made an account, or at least started to make make an account until they were wanting money from him.   That kind of surprised me. 

I had known that since we first got the internet he'd joined and participated in various sex chat type forums, and he even got me involved a few times, but I didn't really see the point then, especially when they were frequently off topic into history realms, WWII and ships.  Kind of like Fetlife, I guess, join for the sexy stuff and stay for everything else, the regular conversations.

   I don't remember ever being really upset about his chats or those sex sites, but he says that longer ago than I can even remember, I didn't like it and tried to get him to stop.  He put his foot down and said he wasn't going to stop, so I dropped the subject after that.

One of the funniest things was how it was exposed as such a big scam, with most of the female profiles being completely faked by the company!

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  1. I've had profiles on more sites than I can remember but all of them were kink related. Really enjoyed your view on this one.


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