Thursday, September 17, 2015

Afternoon of Delights

Master got home early yesterday, and it was just us, so I met him at the door topless.  He said I was still wearing too much and stripped off my shorts and undies too.

Then I made his lunch and ate my own, after which he put me on the floor between his legs to give him a slow and sensual blowjob.  This took awhile, with intermittent pauses to paddle me with the cutting board, or fuck me bent over the kitchen counter, or even, if you can believe, a long pause when he decided he wanted me to make bread!  

Eventually he told me to go up and put my butt plug in.  I was still working on that, going slow and being nice to myself, when he came up and said he could just ram it in for me.  

Suddenly, it went right in! Motivation, eh?

When he was done fucking me, he fell asleep and I lay cuddled up to him, unable to quite relax with the butt plug taking up a lot of space in there, but not wanting to bother him either.  When he woke up he told me I could remove it.

Then had me lie face down on the bed and Master gave me a good hard caning.   I was nice and spacey when he told me to suck and then fuck him again. 

We even got a shower in with the usual blessing from him. 

Such a wonderful date with my Master!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful date.
    I love making bread!


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