Sunday, September 20, 2015

It's The End of the Weekend

Master is watching the Fear of the Walking Dead, so I'm here waiting for him to be done.
 Yesterday we tried to go out, but couldn't find the place we were trying to go and ended up just coming home.   Frustrating, but at least it was a nice day for a drive in the country and being together.   I had the time wrong anyway.  A comedy of errors.  Even so, Master did not get mad, though I was worried that he would be. 

We also walked a lot, 4 miles on Saturday and 3.5 today.  When I say we walked, I generally mean he walked and I jogged to keep up, then walked and fell behind, then jogged to catch up.  
So I got a lot of exercise.  
My weigh in today showed me holding steady, no gain or loss.

Also, today I had a herding client come for lessons with three dogs today, so that was pretty good money for a couple hours work.   I really, really like getting paid for doing something I would just about do for free.  

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  1. Jogging to keep up...I know all about that *sigh*


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