Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Turned Around Day

You know how sometimes you wake up grouchy for no reason?  
That was me yesterday.  I tried really hard not to show it or take it out on anyone.  But when Master came downstairs and started to make his own tea and toast I didn't leap up and offer my service.  I sat and drank my coffee.  I know if he really wanted me to do it he would tell me to get off my ass and do it.  So I figured that he wanted to do that himself.  And I tried not to feel guilty.  Although I felt a little guilty anyway.  But not actually guilty enough to tear myself away from the internet.  

Such are the small day to day moments of M/s that most people have, but that don't really make compelling reading.

After a few cups of coffee and a couple hours to wake up, I was feeling ambivalent about everything, about life in general, but not grouchy.   
I did a few things around the house, and then Master called me in to rub his feet.  This soon settled my mind into peaceful humility, as it usually does.  

He allowed and encouraged me to worship him.  His feet were first rubbing, then when allowed, his cock and his balls all got my attention.  He had me undress and put on only the new blouse I'd bought the day before.  Then he had me strip that off before it got messy.  On my knees again.  He ordered me to go upstairs, get the leather cuffs on, and bring some rope down. Then he took me outside an ordered me to squat and pee.  I was naked except for my collar and cuffs and the wind was whipping around me.  I could hear cars passing just beyond the  hill and trees, and I felt more exposed than exposed.   I didn't really need to urinate, so only a few drops came out, but that was good enough.  

We went back in, and he tied a rope harness on me, with a happy knot rubbing just the right place.  I continued pleasuring him on my knees, as he watched porn.  At point he told me to watch with him, and I rather ruined it by commenting,

"Hey, she looks just like ____ (friend of ours)".  

She did too, but I guess I wasn't supposed to say so.  The girls in the porn are so young, such tiny and tight bodies.  I put that out of mind and return to pleasuring my Master.  It is all about him now.  I suck his balls, lick his cock, give him lustful looks if he happens to glance down at me.  I am his pleasure hole.  I rub on my rope knot and feel my own orgasm building.  He really is secretly paying more attention to me because just when I think can't stand it anymore he tells me to come.  Sometimes he has me bend over for the paddle, or for his cock to enter, or he has me lie spread out on the floor and touch myself.   I am his plaything, and his fuck hole.

After a few hours (ok, I don't really know how long) we go upstairs and he flogs and canes me.  He orders me to put in the butt plug.  It hurts at first, because I just shoved it on in there quickly to avoid a reprimand, but as he flogs me it feels better.  He attaches clamps to my nipples and flogs me.  Then the misery stick.  At times I am on my knees in front of him, worshiping, as he beats me.  After my back is good and warmed, he gets out his knife and runs it over my skin.  I'm longing for more, harder, cut me... please hurt me...

He does hurt me, but with the evil misery stick, not the knife.  We're in bed and he's beating me as I lie on my side to suck him. 

Many, many rounds more of alternating beating, fucking and sucking later we collapse in a sticky, wet mess on the bed.   I love him so.  I don't know how he can wonder why I do.  He's just done the work of seven men to wear me out this much!

The rest of the day was more low key, but with both of us in sleepy good spirits we showered, went out to lunch at our favorite Japanese place (Master had sushi and I had chicken), then the garden store, then took a long walk at high speed (part jogging most of the way) to wake us up.    


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