Monday, May 23, 2016

Chatting about M/s

We had a fabulous weekend with our friends Travis and Wolfmoon.  We attended his workshop on mindfucks, which is brand new.  He's testing out the lecture to see if it can be improved.  His workshops are always good (many jokes and stories, omg funny!), though we did come up with some hopefully helpful feedback.

 Then dinner with the munch group (more hilarity ensued) and back to their hotel room to hang out.  Nothing kinky happened, but many interesting discussions were held, some of which were about M/s relationships.  This continued the next day as I made brunch for them, and then we took a long and buggy hike in the woods.

We fit together so naturally and comfortably, all of us, and it is always so interesting to hear their perspectives.  He's been in the lifestyle for just about forever.

There are a lot of similarities between his outlook and my Master's. They share the idea that there as many ways to have a M/s relationship as there are couples who are doing it.    Neither is into the protocol or micromanagement much, just purely having obedience at all times.  Love, marriage, and a life partnership with one person ultimately in charge:  these are shared values for all 4 four of us.  Master shares Travis' love for mindfucks too.  

Mindfucking me is something that my Master has always done, without even knowing what it was.   Learning and consciously doing a mindfuck makes it even more interesting and powerful.   

For us, it is a lot about about the fear factor, which makes both of us excited.  Sometimes I am more than slightly afraid, like with the lighter play.  
Light my cunt hair on fire just one time and all future fire mindfucks become that much more intense. 

  Not all mindfucks involve fear, but some of the best do, I think. There needs to be a lot of trust.  It is never something to do with someone you just met, not the really intense or elaborate mindfucks anyway.
  Sometimes the hard part is convincing the fuckee that the mindfucker really is that crazy motherfucker who might just light you on fire.  Feeling is believing.  Balancing trust and fear is a fine line.

Much of our conversation was non-BDSM related, especially when the kids were around.  Politics was a big one.

One of the neatest things to me was to see how much our older kid, a teenager, really likes Travis.  They were talking about all kinds of things.  It was very cool to actually have him voluntarily hanging out with us, even going for the hike, instead of hiding in his room with his computer. 

All in all, it was a very successful weekend of fun.  Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon were for gardening, and we got a lot more planted.  Then Sunday night was our regular Game of Thrones with Mystique night.   The episode had me in tears twice! 
 (No spoilers here). 

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