Thursday, May 5, 2016

When I think about you, I touch myself: Kink of the Week: Masturbation

I guess I wouldn't call masturbation a kink, but it is about sex, and it is the topic of the week, so here we go:

So, lets talk about you and masturbation.
Are you a regular wanker?

Yes.  Every day, generally, when allowed by my Master.  I haven't always been a regular though.  Before I was a slave, I rarely masturbated at all.  It was more of an every few months thing, and only when he wasn't around for some reason.  Why?  Well, I just wasn't thinking about it.  I didn't need it, so I didn't do it.

 When did you first start masturbating?

I don't remember the age, but probably as a younger teen.  I always used a towel between my legs, to hump on, that was my only method.  When I started a relationship with Master, he bought me some vibrators and I used those, both with him and alone.

Was it a wonderful discovery of a shameful secret? 

Some of both, I guess.  My mom got me the book "Our Bodies, Ourselves", and I read it cover to cover.  I knew that masturbating was a normal thing that most people did, but also that is was private, and kind of embarrassing.  

Maybe you were bought up in a environment where you were taught that touching yourself was ‘devils play’, how did this effect you and your exploration of your self pleasure?

No, my parents were not like that at all.  One time I even asked my mom how I could get an orgasm while having sex because I was having trouble with that and Master said "Well, why don't you ask your mom?"     I believe I was 17 or 18 at the time.  And she answered me without making me feel shamed.  She already knew we were having sex, and she had even taken us shopping for spermicide.  That was a whole story in itself!

Do you like to use sex toys when you masturbate? Maybe you have a favorite toy or maybe you prefer the joys of your own hand/fingers and nothing else.

Yes.  Since I got the Hitachi Magic Wand that is the one I use.  It's just the best, for me anyway, since I don't have access to a Sybian (those are great!). 
Sometimes I will also stick in the butt plug or use another toy to penetrate my pussy, but mostly just the magic wand.   I've never really relied solely on my fingers. 

Does masturbation feature in your relationship? Is watching your partner getting off is seriously hot or something that makes you uncomfortable, alternatively how do you feel about being watched?

Yes, I have restrictions on masturbation, that is part of our relationship.  I think having some restrictions makes it even more fun and enticing.  I don't mind watching or being watched.  I find it hot.  I didn't always though; I used to be embarrassed, but I got over that.  My Master rarely masturbates these days, unless it is part of our play and he's going to come on me.  Generally if he wants to get off he just uses me. I get really hot if he makes me lie on the floor and he stands over me and jacks off.  
What do you think about when you masturbate? Is there a favorite, orgasm guaranteed, fantasy that you like to think about when you are reaching between your thighs? Do you like to watch porn, or maybe you prefer the stimulation of the written word?

I have several good masturbation fantasies that I don't like to share because sharing them makes them less exciting for me.  
So, I'm not telling!   I don't usually watch porn or read it while I'm engaged in the act.  I just play scenarios out in my head.  Sometimes the scenes in my head are from the last time Master and I were doing sexy things together.


  1. I like how you addressed the questions, it somehow makes this topic more approachable to me (I haven't written anything yet).
    Like your past self, I don't masturbate much. I wonder if a partner would change that?

  2. Your Mom sounds awesome, what a wonderful thing to be able to discuss that with her. I hope my daughter will grow up t feel the same way


  3. Learn something new everyday. I've never heard of a Sybian and had to look it up. Looks fun!

    1. So fun that I wanted to take it home, marry it and have it's babies, uh huh. :)

  4. My mum had the opposite reaction to yours and threatened to take me to a therapist if she caught me masturbating again. I've only just realised that's had a lasting effect on me which I guess will take years to overcome.

  5. I want to perform for others wishing I was not alone as it is time for my masturbation practice reward is not just cum or release but I must submit enjoying the creamy tasteful results


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