Monday, May 9, 2016

Saturday and Sunday- Really long, sorry about that

There is my butt. With cane stripes. Happy Monday, all.


Anyway, we had a really busy Saturday and Sunday.  Master had to work Saturday morning, and I went to the official grand opening of the county park just down the road from us.  That's the one we've been walking at, as well as doing some little extra "recreations". 

 Just for some perspective, living in a small town like this, a new county park some consider the most exciting thing the county has done or will do in decades.  It is a wonderful natural area, except for some pine plantations (which are handsome, but not ecologically diverse).  It also has tons of ticks, and other annoying crawlies.  And I discovered we have our very own "Leslie Knope"  here.  If you watch Parks and Recreation you know what I mean.  Otherwise, just imagine a very enthusiastic parks supervisor. 

My day started before 6 am, when I got up to make Master's breakfast.  I rushed through my morning routine of letting dogs out so I could be out of the house by 6:45.  The bird watching hike started at 7:00 and it is about a 15 minute walk from our house.  One person stopped to offer me a ride but I said I preferred to walk.  
  I had a great time.  It was the perfect day for a walk in the woods, although the birds were not as busy as normal because of a severe storm the night before.  We did see some warblers, an Oriole, some Rose Breasted Grosbeaks, a Raven (different from a crow) and heard a Rufous Sided Towhee.  When we passed the spot where Master had had me strip down and as he took naked pictures of me I had a secret inner smile to myself.

After the bird watching there was an early spring flower hike with a famous botanist.  I was really wishing my dad was there, but he had to do other things and couldn't just drop them and come up for this (he's a botanist too, and a friend of the guy leading the hike).   He would have really enjoyed it, and I know he was wishing he was there too.

   I learned a bunch about our various local plants.   For instance, we saw the only warm blooded plant- the skunk cabbage- which keeps a little tiny plant room warm at 65 degrees even at below freezing temperatures.  It's not a room you can stand in- only about 2 or 3 inches tall.  It is pollinated by carrion insects, thus the distinctive colors and bad smell!

Saturday afternoon was our local munch.  There was a raffle and we won this!

We had a hilarious good time laughing with Mystique and other friends, and then dinner, and after that sitting around a backyard fire at Mystique's house with some friends. We didn't stay long because Master was really horny, seeing as how we hadn't had sex in DAYS.  I was a little bit too. ;)   

Friday night I had been so horny I couldn't sleep, but Master was tired and wanted sleep more than anything else.  After two hours of being hot, uncomfortable and tossing and turning, I ended up on the couch.  Where I still couldn't sleep.  Master noticed I was missing and came down to get me.  I'd taken off my collar and leash but he didn't seem to mind, though he did tell me to come back up.  Turning the fan on cooled our room down enough that I was able to  sleep finally.   

Saturday's activities had actually tamped down my desire enough that it was no longer feeling oppressive to me, but as soon as he began touching me that night it all came rushing back.

He started out by having my lie on the floor and tickling me with a feather, which was horrible.  I don't really like tickling.  It just annoys me.   Then he got out the tack bra insert and set it on my cunt.  He pressed it, smacked it, stroked me with it.  Ah, now this is what I enjoy!  I pressed back up against him when he fondled me with tacks.  He pushed it down on to my breasts as well as running it up and down my stomach.

Master stepped away to the dresser.  I was lying there thinking "Anything but fire, anything but fire, anything but fire ... doh!" he must have heard my thoughts because the lighter was between my thighs.  I struggled within myself to keep from scooting backward away from him.  I whimpered and tried my best to relax and not panic.  He didn't burn me this time; his objective was only to scare me. And he does.

Then the misery stick, used on my breasts, my ass, and he ordered me into bed.  I suppose I'm a bad slave because I just really wanted more beating.  But I obey him.   He tied my hands to the headboard, fucking me hard, which was so wonderful.  I came many times.  

Afterward I dared to ask him why he no longer beat me as hard or as long as he used to.  I felt bad about this. I kept thinking he was going to be mad at me for it, but he wasn't.  He did tease me some, though.  It seems to be a transgression, something a slave should never say or hint at.  I still feel bad about it.  But he says he wants to know stuff like this, so that's why I told him.  I'd like more, to be able to have bruises or to feel the marks the next day.  Which I just don't anymore.   He hadn't been aware of being easier on me, and he thought maybe I was just getting tougher and not reacting as much to the same level of beating as I used to.   That might be part of it, but I am sure is not the whole of it. 

I slept really well Saturday night, though.  Orgasms and fucking are good for that!

Sunday dawned early, Mother's Day.  I took that as a sign that I could make whatever I wanted for breakfast, without asking anyone else.  I made bacon and biscuits, which was yummy.   Then Master took me upstairs for a quickie.  He also beat my ass with the cane after he'd fucked me- you can see the red stripes that resulted in the top picture.  Even after several orgasms I remained ridiculously horny.   I wanted to stay in bed all day for more beatings and sex, but there was gardening to do.

We spent the rest of the day planting my new bushes, going to the garden store and then working in the vegetable garden.  It was a very enjoyable, if exhausting, day.   Our older kid made dinner while we were gardening, which was really nice.  I lightly sauted the asparagus that Master had picked from the garden, and also a morel mushroom I'd found.  I don't like mushrooms but he does, so he got all of that.  

Then it was Game of Thrones night with Mystique (Master gave me another spanking at her house, as I stood bent over, pants lowered, with the new cane we won in the raffle) and bed time couldn't have been more welcome.   I like that cane quite a bit- it less painful than the misery stick, while still hurting enough to make me wince and dance around, and it is extremely handsome looking.  

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