Saturday, May 28, 2016

Well, Good Morning.

I was sitting here just catching up on some blog reading when Master came down and stood beside my chair. He touched me gently and smiled at me, kissed me.  Then he guided me to the floor by my hair, and pulled my head on to his cock.  After a minute of sucking he pulled me back up and bent me over the kitchen counter.  He slid his dick up and down my hole, which did the trick of producing enough lube for him, and then he thrust into me.  A few short minutes later he pulled out without finishing and said I should make his breakfast.  Tea, bacon, a small piece of the strawberry torte I made last night, whole strawberries, grapes and toast with cheese. 

Good morning to you too, Master.

Soon, I'm guessing, it will be time for the second course.  
He keeps giving me those looks. 



  1. heh. those looks. I loved that.

    here's hoping you had a full course (and full service) meal :)

  2. Sounds like an awesome morning!It sounds like the second course was even better than the first. Good for you! :)


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