Monday, May 16, 2016

Quick Self Correction

In the car the other day, Master and I were talking about a survey I had taken that asked about sexual partners: how many in the past year, what type of relationship do you have, how many partners do you want in the future and so on, and how confusing my answers must look to someone who thinks only in terms of marriage=monogamy, as most of those survey writers seem to take for granted.    

Master was telling me how slutty I was, and I balked a little:

"I wouldn't have sex with just anyone!" and immediately Master cleared his throat to begin to correct me so I quickly added,

"Unless you ordered me to, of course." 


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  2. It is good to see these small events that occur throughout a normal day showing your submission. And I love seeing your thought process explaining why you spoke those words to be quickly corrected.


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