Monday, May 30, 2016

Sunday Meet Up

Yesterday with met up with Saumya, who we haven't seen in months.  Master has still been talking to her regularly, but she has various life events going on which took precedence over playing, which was not really anything to do with us.  Because of those things, I wasn't sure if they really considered it a relationship and certainly not the CNC type relationship she and Master had going on last year.   We talked mostly about a munch topic she is preparing to present, but also various life stuff.

We came home I cooked dinner, we went for a short walk and then went over to Mystique's for Game of Thrones night.  I liked the bit with the dragon- very impressive!  I will always be hot for Daenerys too.

When we got home I took care of the dogs, cleaned up the place some and waited for Master upstairs.  

He came in.  Master walked around behind me to pick up a stick to cane my ass.  Then a machete.  Machetes make really thuddy spanking implements.  Plus there is always the worry of him chopping something off.  0.o

Hahaha, not really.  

Then he fucked me hard.  I'm still thinking about that and wanting to masturbate this morning...

Also, the other day (Saturday) when I said the second course was coming soon?  It did, and with nipple clamps.  


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