Tuesday, May 10, 2016

New Toy, Sore Butt

The new cane CAN hurt worse than the misery stick. 

As I found out it's all in the snap.  Snap hurts.  

We had a GREAT night.  

I think I was even in sub space at the end.  When he was done I was all floaty, full of hearts and flowers, as I drifted off to sleep.



  1. Lol. See! Learn something new everyday. :)

    PS I love bleeding hearts, such a pretty flower.

  2. I am from martial arts. And snapping your hips and punch and pivouting your feet can cause so much more power and speed. If you apply this to whipping or slapping, a normal way without snap can make it look like naughty aftercare. Even a slight jolt in snap can cause so much more speed and power

    1. Master and I have both participated in various martial arts also. He's good with a wooden (rattan) sword too.

  3. Bleeding hearts! Great choice for this post.


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