Friday, May 20, 2016

Yesterday, the good

Dinner turned out wonderfully.  I was in the shower when Master got home so I didn't get to serve him.  I just couldn't take the grimy feeling any more, and he was pretty late.

After dinner we played Codenames, the new game Master bought, with the kids and they loved it.  It's a lot of fun for everyone.  Challenging, but fun.  

Later on, Master went upstairs while I finished feeding and letting out dogs.  I came up and he told me to take off his socks and massage his feet.  Then the rest of him.  After he'd had a full body massage (accompanied by teasing light touches to his balls and penis when I thought I could get away with it, hee hee!) he pushed my head down to his cock.  I only think I'm getting away with something, really he likes the teasing.

He tells me to ride on top, but I'm not wet or aroused much there, as eager as I am, so I have a hard time making it feel good.   He begins spanking me and soon I'm gushing.   Then he tells me to go get the Hitachi and an extra blanket.  It's too late for the blanket as everything in the bed is already soaked.  I just changed the sheets too!   Ah, well, this happens all the time.

When I come back he has the clover clamps at the ready.  They hurt so fucking bad, but soon I'm coming again.  Then he removes them and starts snapping at me with them like they are little vicious alligators.  This is really funny until one of them connects with my tit in a very evil snap and jerk!  Ow!  When he starts snapping them again I reflexively cover myself, and wish that he would slap me, but he doesn't.  After a few times of putting them on me and taking them off, pushing my chest back so I can't lean down to follow the pull of the clamps, he put one on himself and attached the other to the ring on my collar.  Then he had me lean back.  He says that doesn't hurt at all ????
We have very different anatomy.

He ties my hands together and fucks me.  After he has fucked me from behind and come inside me, he brings out a cane and beats my ass and thighs.  He puts the clover clamps on my labia and finger fucks me, a really good kind of pain.  I believe I was in subspace after that for a short time.  

The good outweighed the bad yesterday, finally.  

Tomorrow should be a fun day too. We are planning to go to a munch and will get to see friends from out of town again there, and then we have invited them for Sunday brunch.  Master wants me to make an all pie meal. 




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  1. wow. that sounds like a lot of fun. but ouch for the clamps!hope you enjoy the gathering :)


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