Monday, May 30, 2016

Busy, busy day

My busy Monday started out with the youngest kid making a pancake for me.  He was so sweet.  You know kids can drive you bonkers one minute and then be amazingly thoughtful the next.  It was shaped like a heart, so he said it had to be for me. 

When Master got up I made his breakfast.  He had to drive the older kid over to a friend's house, and I washed up and started walking the dogs while he was gone.   We circled the pasture a few times, then when Master got back he and I took another walk.  I did not feel good at all.  I think it was the heat and also getting hungry again, but when we jogged I thought I was going to barf.  But I made it the whole 2 miles of walking (barely any jogging).  

I lay out on the deck with my coffee and a book and it was soooo comfortable. The deck was shady with a little breeze, and no bugs for a change.  After I had cooled down we started working on the yard, doing some weed whacking and cleaning up the flower beds.  That took a couple hours, and even after I got too hot and quit Master kept going. 

Our younger kid had a friend over to visit.

After the yard work was done (it is never actually done, we just get tired and stop for the day, never ending yard work is a perk of having a huge yard), I had to drive the friend home and pick up our other kid.  Then I was about to start dinner kinda early, but Master was giving "that look" again.  We were still hot and sweating and covered with grass, but about to get a lot more hot and sticky.  

In our room with the door locked, he asked me what I wanted.  He was on top of me, between my legs, teasing the entrance to my cunt with his cock.

"Whatever you want, Master," is always my required answer.

But then he asked again, which meant I was supposed to actually think of something I wanted.  He said he just wanted to hear me say it out loud because it embarrasses and humiliates me (yes, even after all this time.  Writing is different than saying out loud).  So I said I would like to be tied up and beaten.  

Master told me he wanted to hear me say it, but he was still just going to do whatever he wanted, which was to fuck me right now.  

Which he did for a while, but then he stopped and put some rope on me (yay!).   I sucked his cock until he was near to coming several times, then he allowed me to be on top and use the magic wand.  I wanted to come almost instantly but he made me wait and wait. It seemed like forever, but finally he counted down from ten and let me orgasm.  He slapped my face hard and let me come again. He slapped my tits and let me come again.  I came all over the place.  It was like Splash Mountain in there.  

He had me suck him again, and then he pushed me on to my stomach and tied my hands behind my back.  I simply love that position, being so completely helpless, flattened, taken. He fucked me harder and harder as I moaned quietly into the pillow.  Then he came and I think when he rolled off me we both pretty much passed out. 

After a quick shower it really was time to make dinner, so I did that and also the laundry.  Now I'm pretty much worn out.  


  1. its so hot it's got ME worn out just reading. and i agree, typing is different from SAYING it directly to them isn't it? I kinda feel awkward saying what i want too!

    1. It's easier than it used to be, but still not without that little embarrassed feeling. I guess he likes that, though.


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