Sunday, May 1, 2016

My Fantasy and Reality

Master incorporated bits of the story I wrote for him on Friday into our play session on Saturday.  It was just as hot as I imagined.

He felt me up in the kitchen while I was trying to make breakfast, and as quickly as we could we met upstairs.   He told me to crawl to him and kiss his feet.  Then remove his shoe and kiss. Then remove his sock and keep on kissing.  I felt very humble, and excited too.  He told me to make my way up, slowly, to his cock.   I worshiped.

He had me put on my collar and wrist and ankle cuffs.  He whipped me with the belt as I was trying to do this so that my hands fumbled with the buckles.  It's hard to concentrate when your ass is stinging! Finally he took the last cuff in his hands and buckled it for me.

He made me kneels on all fours, then, taking a piece of string, he tied all the cuffs together with my hands between my legs, so I was balancing on knees and head for my flogging. 

Then I'm not sure what happened next.  There was flogging and fucking, and eventually the string came off, and he rolled me over to my back.  He beat my tits with the misery stick, and fucked me some more, and he closed off my mouth and nose with his hand until I didn't think I could take it any more.  Then he let me take one panicked, ragged breath before he shut off my air again.  When he'd done that enough, he made me orgasm.  For a good couple hours there was more fucking and beating until we were both weak-kneed and hungry for lunch.

Sometimes reality does turn out better than fantasy!

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