Tuesday, May 10, 2016

TMI Tuesday

TMI Tuesday see the blog!

 1. May 9 – Today is National Lost Sock Memorial Day. How many single socks do you have because the mate got lost?

I have a sock system.  First they go in a pile on the window sill, and then if the mate doesn't show up after a few weeks they go in the back of the closet in a bag for a few years.  Then I clean out the closet eventually, find a bunch of single socks and turn them all into rags for cleaning. 

Good, huh?

2. This month is National Bike Month (in the USA), do you own a bike? When is the last time your rode your bike?

I do own a bike, and rode it last summer.  The tires went flat though and won't hold air, so I'm hoping my Master will fix it. 

3. Of course we all know it is Masturbation Month. How are you celebrating?

I'm really not.  I'm only allowed once a day so I generally use that up and then if I want more I have to ask, which I almost never do.  Asking is hard. 

4. As a kid, many of us would think or say, “I don’t ever want to be like my mom (or dad)!” Now that you are grown, which parent do you think you are most like.

I look like my mom,  have the same interests and hobbies as my mom, but I have the temperament of my dad.

5. If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be?

I think my parents did a fine job.  They even let me get a horse when I was 14.   They both always did interesting things with us, and made us believe were were important and had agency.

Bonus: A lot of people do sexting. Do you ever have sexy talk with a real phone call? Do you rehearse what you are going to say or do it freestyle?

Every now and then if my Master is away at night for some reason we have some dirty phone talk.  It's not often though.   
I never plan ahead because I don't know when he's planning to do it.  He tends to do most of the talking and I do the moans.

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