Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sex Mattresses

You know it is a great event when they provide sex mattresses.  Lots of them.  And they are mostly full of people doing sex stuff.

We had SUCH a great day yesterday. Master came home kind of grumpy from work, because the people there have been so crabby this week and also because it snowed.  
Can you believe it?  May 14 and snow. Stupid state of coldness.

Anyway, not even the crappy weather could keep us down for long, because we were off to learn about some fun rope things.

Master picked up a few new things he wants to try, including braiding rope into my hair and then tying me to things/people by that.  I really enjoyed watching the rope for takedown/wrestling play demos.  Master and I do that sometimes, but we've never had rope involved.  I think that would give him even more advantage!  Which is good for me, I like to lose that game.

After that we went to an orientation for the event, which was long, but not optional, and then went to dinner at a great Indian restaurant we'd never been to before.  The food was good and spicy, and I loved all of it.  I wore my leather collar the whole time, even at dinner, and felt very un-vanilla.   :)   Yes, people stared.

Kinky Geek Night combines the best of all worlds.  You can play games, or you can just play. We did both.  

Master put a rope harness on me, tied me to a frame by my wrists, and flogged me softly, then harder.  I had neglected to bring his new cane, his new favorite toy, somehow.  But he made up for it by using both the leather paddle and the tire tread paddle (very ouchy, and leaving many bruises on me).   After a long, hard, extremely wonderful session, he untied me and told me to get my butt on over to the one empty mattress (covered with a tarp for clean-ability, and also clean sheets available for each user) and remove the ropes myself.   I was quite sub-spaced at that point.  I did make it to the mattress and sat down on my towel to wait for him.  But I barely made any progress at all on removing the ropes.  For one thing, they all tied in the back, hard to reach even in a normal state of mind! This just gave him another reason to smack me around, which I didn't take personally.  We had all the sex then, and more smacking, and more sex, and oh it was grand!   



  1. Glad you had a kinky geeky time! :D

  2. What a magnificent time. Also: kinky and geeky? How cool. Wait. Is there a nerd class, too?

  3. Kinky Geek Night sounds awesome!!! Wish we had that here!

  4. I too am joining in on the Kinky Geek Night is awesome bandwagon.

    There is an event in the Northeast called the Geeky Kink Event... have you heard of it? I went a couple years ago with my Sir and it was a good time!

    1. I haven't heard of that one- it's pretty far from us.


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