Thursday, August 4, 2016

Cruel, cruel Master

What with traveling, the hot weather in the south, and not feeling well last week, this has been a very poor week for the Fitbit and me and walking. 

Trying to get back in step, I made it a goal to reach my 10,000 steps yesterday before I had my dessert, and of course I told Master about my goal.   

I served him dinner, standing beside him wearing only my collar, because I had eaten earlier.   He asked for cake and ice cream, and I didn't even lick the knife after cutting a slice.   He went back for seconds, calling me over so he could show me up close as he took one more bite of my birthday cake.

How delicious it looked and smelled. Spice cake with penuche icing, my favorite.   He did not offer me his fingers to lick.
We went for a short walk, during which the wristband buzzed at me to indicate !goal reached!    As soon as we got back I went to dish myself up a helping of cake and he asked if I wanted to hear something funny.   

Deeply suspicious, I said yes anyway.   

"No cake for you!"  

And then he laughed as my face fell and I tried to adjust to this new reality of no cake happening.  But he was just teasing me and I was allowed to get my cake after all.

Cruel, mean Master! 


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