Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Too Nice

I'm really waffling about writing this post. How much is too much to share?  I guess I'll find out after I write it. 

I woke up in the middle of a sex dream.  Master woke up desiring to use me, and before I was completely awake he was licking me.  I wasn't ready for that.  I couldn't enjoy it but I couldn't push him away, since I have been corrected for that too many times.  I lay still.  He asked if I liked it.  "No, Master."  He stopped.  He fucked me, but I couldn't come.  I think he was being too nice to me, I think I needed painful things to happen, but I couldn't say what was on my mind.   Because I wasn't sure.

When he told me to get the vibrator I asked if I could get up to go pee, because worrying about that that wasn't helping me get on with the sexytimes.   He let me go, then when I came back he began telling me humiliating stories, things that he might make me do, with people that I don't like.  Hell, things I already had done on his orders, and ended up liking them just for the reason of being obedient to my Master.  I had already done those things, and the thought of doing them again filled me with shame, a really hot shame.  This wasn't too nice at all.  The humiliation of what he described compounded with the humiliation of my having enjoyed it.   And enjoying now even as I hated it. I was so close.  I begged for an orgasm.  He told me to wait.  I released all the tension that had built up for an orgasm because otherwise there was no way I could wait.   A few seconds later he told me to come, but I don't know if you have ever tried to come just after getting rid of all those feelings?  It didn't work, and I could have cried from frustration.   Damn you, uncooperative body.  Sometimes I can hang out at the balance point of not quite coming and sometimes I can't.  In this case, it was a "no".  

But only for a short time.  Soon I was there again and coming hard several times.

Master fucked me from behind then stopped.  He wasn't going to come.  But when he started touching his cock again I couldn't resist crawling down there and opening my mouth.  I sucked and licked and touched until he exploded in my mouth.  I got it all over when he pushed me away.  Just another Wednesday morning with spooge in my hair.  I licked up some that had spilled on him.  

I made his breakfast, and then he was feeling sick again, when he had been better most of yesterday, and obviously, while he was fucking me.  But he went to work anyway.  I went to open the gate for his car wearing my robe and leather collar.  He looked like he should be in bed, poor Master. 

After he left I started playing again.  I put down a towel and put on some red lace panties that are really too small for me.  I'm not sure what I was thinking when I bought those.  They would work.  I took some pictures and imagined showing them to my Master when he got home, which excited me. I touched myself.  Soon the panties were soaked.  I took more pictures.   I wanted to come right then, but I held off.  I took a dildo and stuck it inside, taking pictures of that too.  I was soaking the towel I had put down now.  I lay down in the puddle, imagining some very nasty things being done to me. I stroked my cunt again.  I got out the vibrator but only used it in 2-3 second bursts, not letting myself come.  I stuck the dildo back inside and used the tight panties to keep it from falling out.  I took the camera and went out in the yard.  I took more pictures in an area well screened by barn and lilacs.  Then I went back upstairs, took a few more pictures and let myself come finally.  It didn't really help much though.  I still would like to do more, but am not allowed unless I can ask first.  

Later:  I got in touch with Master and asked him.  He said yes!  I orgasmed 4 more times, one right after the other with no breaks.  It was insane.  I think I'm hypersexed today.  I'm going to take a shower and try to think about other things. 


  1. I have found myself also wondering what is to much information to share? In reality though isn't that what we use our blogs as, an outlet? A way to express our feelings openly?

    Truthfully, a post like this is one that helps me to realize that some of the things I go through, others go through too. Maybe in our own different little ways but the emotions, the feelings behind those differences are still really similar!

    1. Thank you, I'm glad to hear it helps. I also had my Master read it over before I published it too.

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