Friday, August 19, 2016

Nipple Torture Scene In Leather Bar

I got a note from D., saying they wished I would write more about the scene, so YAY, I get to do that!  

I had been hoping to do more flirting in the leather bar this year, and maybe even try to pick someone up.  But when it comes down to it, I am just too shy.  I worry about rejection, or about offending someone's partner, about all the usual things.  My Master is much braver.  In the back room he started talking to this absolutely gorgeous young feminine-appearing person, as short as me but slim.  Master and D. stepped into the front room to talk.   As soon as it was apparent that they were flagging to be a Top, Master pointed to me.  They** wanted to do nipple torture, how did I feel about that?  I was slightly apprehensive, but mostly excited.  Play? Hurty games? With me? Why, yes, I do want that!

Master stepped off to the side and after a quick discussion,  D. proceeded to tie me to the cross with sure and sensual movements.   Every time I looked up I was lost in their lovely eyes.  When I looked down... oh my.  They wore little other than a belt and pouch for supplies, shoes of some kind, and a strap on penis which was currently just brushing my thighs. Totally hot, btw.  Did I ever mention I have a bit of a thing for strap-ons?  Well, I do.

They took out teeny tiny clothespins on a string and fastened one to each of my nipples.  I sighed and moaned my pleasure.  More touching, slapping, more clothespins and clamps.  Pulling the chains and strings attached between them gave me trembling ecstasies.  I was desperately turned on. All the pains were extremely pleasurable.

  After they had untied me from the cross I leaned over with my hands still tied in front of me and asked a whispered question, "Do you want to go in the backroom for a blowjob?"  I was slightly shocked at my own daring.  And I was surprised at the answer "Yes."   They led me by the rope attached to my wrists to a good spot in a dark corner, which had been thoughtfully provided with mats for kneeling- or whatever.

They handed me a condom and for once I managed to unwrap and put it on smoothly without fumble fingers, still with tied wrists.  I applied myself to the task before me, and I hoped it was as enjoyable for them as for me.  

**I use the pronouns they/them as that is how they identify.  If you are not familiar with the idea of being genderfluid, here's an overview:

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