Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Thursday: Arrival at Camp

Actually this starts Wednesday when we were on our way to Camp.  We had a rather terrible drive through Chicago that day.  Much traffic, not enough dinner.  Then our credit card had an issue with a hold on it because of a purchase I made, even though I'd already called them once.  We got that sorted out over the phone, but when got to the exceedingly cheap and ropey motel very late and collapsed with grumpy exhaustion.  It was not the sexfest we had been hoping for when we started out that day.

Thursday morning I woke up with brain weasels (anxiety) giving me a hard time.  Master woke up, and he began fucking me but sensed something was wrong.  Afterward I told him about my doubts about myself.  He reassured me somewhat and told me that no matter what I was going to go and I was going to be obedient at all times.  

So we headed out.  A stop at a bakery/farm market revived my spirits, as there is nothing like a good cinnamon roll for mood lifting. 

We got to camp, set up our tent, stripped off clothes and headed off to greet people we knew. 

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