Saturday, August 20, 2016

Dirty, Dirty Girl

I am all out of order on my posts now.  I had resolved to make them go in order from Thursday to Sunday, but that isn't the way things worked out. 
The "I have to write this now" inspiration strikes at different times.

Saturday morning after breakfast I was feeling particularly gross and grimy.  The leather bar, the rain, the mud, sex in the tent- had all happened since my last shower.  

We ran into Sir David (Cast of Characters, see here) near the dungeon.  We had talked about playing.  I mentioned a shower.  
I didn't want to gross him out with my funk.  However, he and my Master had other ideas.  He took a big handful of mud from a puddle in the road and smeared it over my cheeks and chest.   So that is how it is going to be?  I felt shame and embarrassment in equal parts with a sense of fun and adventure.   I'm even more gross than before.
Now what?

We parted momentarily, and met a few minutes later in the dungeon.  He bent me over a bench and asked why I kept wanting to play with him.  
I guess I have strange ideas of what is fun, especially when my nipple is twisted nearly right off!

All sorts of spanking implements were used, including one long handled paddle with holes in it that broke right in half.  It had a lifetime guarantee too, from the best paddle maker I know.  I didn't find out about the broken paddle until the end, though.  There was whipping and some other stingy thing that felt amazing.  

 I was pretty well broken down into a hurting puddle when he turned me around, got me sitting on the bench and brought out a knife.  This was good and scary and scratchy until he was tracing down from sternum to below my belly.  At my stomach I got an unstoppable flood of frightening images flashing through my mind and between the fear, panic and overwhelming sensations I began to sob.  I'm not sure about what happened next, but I think there were a few more things done and then we stopped.  I had a drink.  

Master and Sir David both led me out in to the road, and I don't know how it happened really, who said what is unclear to me, but someone was ordering me to get in the puddle.  To lie down in the mud puddle. With people all around watching.  I couldn't believe it.  But I did it.  Mud was dripped and kicked on to me.  I had to roll over to coat both sides with the filth.  Then I was allowed to stand up and Master took a cup of cold water and splashed it on me.  I protested that the shock of cold water was going to make me pee (I don't know why, but it does that to me sometimes).  I felt immediately like an idiot for saying that, what was I thinking? 

  He first said I could go piss in the grass by the dumpster across the road, but as I started to walk away he changed his mind and handed me the cup.  A cup to pee in, right there in the road, crouching in a mud puddle! I did it. I couldn't believe it was happening.  I couldn't believe I actually hit the cup.  It was the most humiliating thing ever. (SO hot!) I almost got the cup of pee thrown on me, but Master decided he didn't want to make the road dirty because people walk there!  

Then I had to walk all the way back to our campsite covered in muck, to get our shower supplies, then walk all the way back to the dungeon before I could clean up. 



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  1. Swoon! The mud, the puddle, the cup, what an incredibly PERFECT chain of events.


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