Monday, August 1, 2016

Trip and Party

The trip went better than I was afraid of, in spite of me ending up at the urgent care clinic on Friday for an infection in my gum.  This was not a fun way to spend my birthday. However, I got my antibiotics with no fuss and was on my way again, and feeling much better by Saturday when I had to drive to Iowa. It was hot, but not as hot as it could have been. The trip to Iowa took me 7 hours because I stopped a few times along the way to walk around and exercise the dogs.

Master and I met up with some people there, and we had a nice time visiting with them and meeting their pets.  :)

The kids, of course, stayed with their grandparents, so Master and I have a few weeks of kid free debauchery planned.  It started Saturday and Sunday and will continue when he feels better.  He's got a nasty fever today.  

But Saturday was great.  I was the first one naked at the party, as usual.  I was ordered to sit on the floor rubbing his feet until he told me to fetch some ropes. Master tied me up and flogged me, ending up with some punching.  I must have been pretty subspaced because it didn't seem to hurt that much but my sides are bruised from the flogger wrapping.  

In the morning I told him it was good that my mouth was better or I wouldn't have been able to open it enough to please him.  He said he would have made it open up anyway! Then I was doubly glad I wasn't sore there any more.

When we got home he had me put the butt plug in and then caned me.  We spent several hours fucking and napping, and it was pure bliss.  

After I made dinner, it was time to work on getting the garden back into shape.  I hadn't even been out there in over a week, maybe two, so there were a lot of weeds to pull and some frighteningly overgrown zucchini.   Master had me strip at the end and whipped me, while taking pictures.   That was the fun part!


  1. Oh! So not a fun way to spend a birthday! Happy that it got so much better for you.
    Lovely pics.

  2. I would like to extend your fun part ! Greeting from Michael from Hamburg

  3. I don't k much luck in a garden but I but you have to fruitful bush thanks now you know my focus now k

  4. My new favorite hobby! Naked gardening................


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