Friday, August 5, 2016

The Kids Are Away, the Grown Ups Will Play

Master spent at least three hours playing with me last night.  The first hour was basically me giving him footrubs and sucking his cock while he played on the computer.  Then I got my ass paddled HARD, which is still hurting pleasantly.  After that he hypnotized me, I lost track of time, he did many things to me, including burning me with hot letters (felt burning anyway, I know it was all in my mind) and had me do all sorts of things to him as well.  One of them near the end had me in emotional conflict and I started to cry.   It was a conditioning sort of training.  I stayed up late after Master went to bed, taking care of dogs.  In the morning he had me sucking his cock again, a little bit of fucking and then he pulled my legs up high to rub his dick against my butthole.  Oh!  He rolled me over roughly and shoved the tip in, without lube.  But then he stopped without going past that.  He got up and told me to get myself one more last orgasm (I'd had a few!).   That last one took a long time, but I made it! 

Before he left for work he gave me a smacking with his heavy leather belt.   Ahhhhh....

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