Thursday, August 18, 2016

Friday: Classes, Jenga, Rain. Leather Bar Hotness

Friday morning started hot, with sex in the tent, then a meandering search for coffee.  We had some zucchini bread, but we needed some hot drinks and since a group of other campers had offered to share a morning meal we were mostly looking for company and making new friends too.   After asking around a bit, we found the right camp site.  There was coffee and bacon and tea for Master, and also meeting and chatting with new people, and connecting again with some friends from last year. It was a fine start to a day which was already heating up.

At 10 am we attended a class that was going to determine the direction of our experiences for the next few days.  It was called Intimate Energy Dynamics. There was a lot of practice of those techniques during the class.  It's not something I can really explain.  It was mostly very intense and "woo" (mystical) and kind of spooky sometimes.   It is kind of a "Are you picking up what I'm pushing at you?" dynamic of moving energy around.
 I think our great connection makes linking up or reading each others body and face or sending energy even more powerful.  However you want to think of it, really, it could be biological or metaphysical, depending on your inclinations.  Either way, it seemed to work for us.  Master talked a lot more with the class teacher afterward.  He was really fascinated, which is totally unusual for him.  He's not usually into the "woo" at all.

After some wandering around and eating lunch we played a game of kinky Jenga with some other people. The tiles had things written on them like "Grab a toy from the bag".  You could choose something to either use or have used on you by any person.  There was also "hair-pulling" or "biting" and many others.  This was good clean fun.

Not long after that the rain began, and it continued.  It was a relief at first after the earlier heat, but eventually became tiresome when events and activities were being cancelled because of it.

 In the dungeon I more cage time, tormented a bit more by Master as I lay there naked. I love the cage.  It has a feeling that is a mixture of protected and exposed.   Contrasting safety and vulnerability.  

 Sometime during the day we had sex again in our tent.  And a nap.
This seemed to be the camp of private fucking (except for at prom), whereas most of the other times at camp we had been all about fucking in public.  I don't know why- I was just following orders.
The leather bar was set up in the rain. It wasn't quite done when we got there, so I hobbled back on down to the dungeon, following after Master.  My high heeled boots are quite sexy but, oh, the suffering of my poor feet!  They are not meant to be treated that way and I'm still paying the price for wanting to wear the hot boots. 

I can't remember what we did at the dungeon.   Camp is very much that way, a place where I am constantly losing track of time and what happened when.  

Back to the leather bar, which is a series of tents and tarps set up to keep out the rain and provide a place to mingle.    There is a dress code to keep up the leather atmosphere of the place.  I wore the tall boots, panties, a chain bikini and a see through black net dress over the top, along with my collar and cuffs. It is the people that make the space special.  A whole lot of joyous perverts enjoying mingling, watching, chatting, flirting.  I feel like I fit right in this year. In other years I wasn't so sure; I felt like an imposter.  Then they add in a fuck ton of extremely hot gay guys from the camp next door. 
Why are they all so hot?  
All. Of. Them.
Sweating, mingling, cigar smoke swirling, ceiling dripping.  
Fisting. Blowjobs. Kissing.  Lounging. Fondling.

In the back room of the leather bar there is rule about entry equaling consent.  So, if you go in there, you can expect to be cruised, or touched.  Master took me back there and soon I was on my knees blowing him.  He offered me to two different people, and the second person, one of the most beautiful people ever, accepted.   We had an amazing hot scene, and I'm not sure how to get a hold of them again to ask to write about it.  That scene ended up in the back room again after beginning in the main room. I did that with a whispered question!  So incredibly hot!  I know Master was a bit envious but he didn't think it was right to join in. 

Later on, we were in the dungeon again.  Master ordered me up onto the spanking bench and beat me soundly.  He had me kneel up on top of it and whipped me.  Amazing hotness, again!  

In spite of the rain and my extremely painful feet, it was a great night.  I could not walk back to the tent, so he ran all the way back there and brought my sandals.  He's the kindest Master ever!

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  1. So loving reading these Tryst posts!! So wanna go next year! =D


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