Saturday, August 6, 2016

Party Today

I'm getting ready to have people over for a party tonight.  Cleaning (all week), baking (yesterday) and setting up equipment.   

Master left me with a little tease before he went to work.  I had gone up to keep him company while he dressed.  In the past this used to be a regular thing but it had stopped because he started sending me back down right away.  But this week, the past three days he had ordered me to come up with him, to kneel on the floor or perhaps spread my cunt for him.  So, naturally, today I went up without being asked.  He was doing exercises for his shoulder, and told me to kneel at his feet, naked.  My eyes were level with his crotch and I couldn't help giving some significant glances.  He knew what I was hungry for, and he told me to wait.  

When he was done with stretching he told me to lie on the floor on my stomach over there, pointing to a spot.  I crawled over and lay down.  He took his old heavy leather belt, here:

 and snapped it at me a few times, hitting me in the small of the back, ass and thighs.  He commented that it's not really a snappy belt, too heavy, so he doubled it over and gave me six or so hard ones as I moaned and wiggled, then let me get up.

I put a robe on. I was pulling some pieces to the spanking bench out from under the bed when he lifted my robe, gently stroked my thighs, my lips. 
 I moaned with longing.  Such a tease. 

He let me suck his cock and then told me to lie on my back and stick three fingers in my cunt.  Hurry! I rammed them on in and he drew back his foot.  Master kicked me several times on the hand, flattening my hand against my clit, driving the fingers deeper.  He told me to come.   It was amazing.  He got me up to my knees, and stuck just the tip of his cock into my cunt as I knelt head down on the floor.  It felt so good, but I wanted it deep.  That wasn't happening; he headed off to work after letting me suck him clean and then using my hair to wipe himself dry.  So now I will just have to wait.  Ready to seriously party (and I don't mean drink). Whine, whine.

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  1. Can't wait to hear how it went. I can't even imagine - having never been to a play party...I'm totally envious :)

    have fun!


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