Saturday, April 22, 2017


Yes, I'm an addict.  Caffeine is my dark mistress.   
I ran out of the regular coffee yesterday, because I thought I still had some in the back of the freezer and it turned out to be de-caf (why I have that, I have no idea, probably an accidental purchase). 

I drank my de-cafe/fake coffee and tried to get on with my day. I should have had some tea but I thought I could get by without.  I couldn't even masturbate properly because all my fantasies turned into thinking about sleep.  I hurt my pussy keeping the vibrator on it for too long.  Then I lay in a sunny spot on the floor and tried to think how I was going to get dressed without standing up.  

That didn't work. 

I did some gardening, moved the sheep to new places in the yard where they could get some new grass.  Ben was my helper dog.  He did a perfect 30 minute down-stay while I worked in the garden and watched the sheep at the same time.  I need the dog out there with me in case the sheep start to wander toward any of my bushes, flowers or small tree areas, because they love to eat that stuff.

Finally in the afternoon I went to the store and picked up some coffee, came home and made myself 3 cups.  Then I had energy to bake cheesecakes for Trivia, take the dogs for a walk, do some training on sheep with Tessa, make dinner and finish up some chores.   

I headed out to Trivia before Master got home, leaving dinner for him, because he said he didn't want to go.  

To my surprise and happiness, one friend had gotten everyone a gift bag full of little presents to celebrate the team's 25th anniversary!  Can you believe they have been doing it that long?   The contest itself is on the 48th year.     

In the gift bag was a blindfold, a tiara and some Mardi gras beads, among other things.  I wore all of them all night, though the blindfold was pushed up on top my head so I could see.   It was a really fun and silly time and my mood was completely back to happy normal by the end.  

When I got home it was late but Master was still awake in bed.  He was waiting for me.  What an ending to the day! 


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