Monday, April 24, 2017

TMI Tuesday

Does your workplace have a “casual Friday” or a day when you can dress down or out of uniform?

Since I stay at home, every day is casual day for me.

2. Has the growth of social media and unabashed sharing of personal info on social media made you MORE or LESS cautious about your privacy?

It has made me a bit more cautious about sharing details, especially when mixing kink and vanilla worlds can happen.

3. Is gay marriage legal where you live?

Yes! Hurray!

4. Is smoking marijuana legal where you live? Under what circumstances?

No, not under any circumstances.  It is still popular here though.  We don't risk Master's DEA license by using illegal drugs.

5. Give us a hashtag that best describes your weekend. Hashtag must be 15 letters or less.


I'm not explaining.

Bonus:  Have you ever stalked a celebrity? Who?

Oh, just a little.  I wouldn't really call it stalking.  I happened to see a local famous author, Patrick Rothfuss, eating dinner at a restaurant one night.  I recognized him because at the time I was reading his blog.  I asked Master if I could go over and ask him to sign "a body part" and he said no, let the man eat in peace.  So I didn't talk to him, but I did look over there a few times and "squee" silently in my head.  

My other celebrity I follow (also in a very non stalkerish way!) is Dr. Patricia McConnell.  I took her class back in college, went to her dog training classes and was religious about listening to her radio show until it ended (boo!).  
I also went to her book signing just a week ago and she signed my copy of her new book.   She didn't remember me.  The highlight of my celebrity experience was once (20 years ago) she invited me to come out to her farm, see her house, meet her dogs and watch them herd sheep. It was quite a thrill. 

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  1. Marijuana is legal here too, and very popular. I don't partake in it either. Both personal reasons and I don't want to risk my job.

  2. That McConnell story is great. If celebrities invite you to engage then go for it, I say, otherwise don't. But I think the exception is authors. They're so woefully unrecognised that I think a polite discrete acknowledgement of their existence is always welcome.

  3. I think the only time I would actually engage with a celebrity is if it were at a convention or signing. Unless they are the type to mess with me. I've heard stories about some celebs who like to have fun and steal someone's seat at a table when they go to use the restroom or go to the bar. If that happened to me, then the night would be one heck of a bash!

  4. I'm a huge fan of Rothfuss as well.... I would totally have been "squeeing" in my head too.


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