Friday, April 7, 2017

Oh, To Be In Bed

It's after 6 and Master isn't home yet.  Given what happened yesterday, I'm seriously considering going up to bed right now.  

But that probably wouldn't happen again, would it?

Yesterday I made dinner and then spilled a cup of water all over my pants while trying to make tea.  I went upstairs to change, got all comfy in my bathrobe, then noticed my book, the bed... one thing led to another and I fell asleep reading there.

I woke to Master coming in and asking if I was ok.  

"Yes, I just fell asleep, should I come down and keep you company?"

He said yes, but at the same time he was pulling back the covers and eying my panties.

With a Look of disappointment.

"You're wearing panties."

I didn't say anything, and before I could begin to remove them he reached down with both hands and ripped them in half!  The waistband held tight, so he fetched a knife and finished that off.  Then he began tracing and scratching my nether bits with it.  

"All right, time to get up now.  I'm going down stairs", he said.

When I followed him he looked at me with mock-disapproval and said "For shame, you're not wearing any underwear!"  I laughed and put the shredded polka dot undergarment on my head.  

"Yes, I am!" 

He took it from me and stuffed it in my mouth. 

"There, you are wearing them right."

It was then that he gave up the idea (or pretense) of going back down stairs and simply bent me over and fucked me. 

Eventually he asked if I wanted to use my vibrator at the same time.

"Whatever you want, Master", I answered.

"I'm giving you a choice", he said.

I said I would, then he asked if I wanted to make it more interesting.  With great misgivings, I said yes.

"Get the nipple clamps and the vibrator, then, slavegirl."

He put them on me and I rode on top with great grimacings of pain.  Those things are so bad! Or my nipples are just that tender.
I had many orgasms anyway.   So, it really is a good/bad sort of pain.  

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