Monday, April 24, 2017

Fun Day!

Master opened up the new box of clamps.  I was standing naked in the middle of the room in a mixture of fear and excited anticipation. I have so much of a love/hate relationship with nipple clamps.

He reached for my nipple to put one set on.  Right before it touched me I gasped (prematurely).   Then the other set went on right below the first.  He told me to be glad he didn't put them in the freezer first.  I whimpered a little bit.

He played with them some, took pictures, turning me this way and that, and then he had me lie on the floor.  Master took one clamp off of each breast and fastened them down lower:

 He had me stand up and lie down again, which was agony.  He took the clamps off my nipples and made me hold the two free ends apart like so:

When I tried to lessen the tension he told me "wider, pull more" and I did, reluctantly.  He finger fucked me as I did this, making me come and squirt. So fucking good.

He had me stand up again; the clamps had gotten tighter and tighter until I was almost crying.  When he took them off my lower lips I doubled over, gasping out "Oh, fuck!"

He had his laptop in bed already, and he soon had me between his legs, pleasuring his cock as he watched porn.   He took me and fucked me, making me come in all different positions.  When he had also climaxed, he told me to lie on my stomach, because he wasn't done with me yet.  

He tied my hands to the headboard.
Then the caning began.  It was quite possibly the most erotic thing ever.  In a little while he put on some Bowie's music and I was humping the blankets as he beat on me.  I think I had three or four more orgasms and my butt was bright red and smarting after much more beating. 

After that we took a shower together.  He had me bend over in front of him and his cock nudged up against my pussy.  He began to piss on me, in me, and then I thought that maybe THIS is the most erotic feeling ever, his warm stream flowing over my hole.  He turned me around mid stream, had me kneel and he covered my front in his piss too.  Then Master pulled my mouth onto his cock for the last few bitter drops.  I think he was just as turned on by this as I was, and he began jacking himself.  I turned around and bent over accommodatingly, silently begging, really.  He took me.  He fucked me for a short time that way, bent over under the stream of the shower, then he put me on my knees again.   He came in my mouth.

 I washed him all over.  As he was getting out of the shower he said "I'm getting out so you can finish yourself off." 

I leered and touched myself, saying "Oh yeah?" 

"Come!" he said.  I did, too.  


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