Thursday, April 6, 2017

Analingus: KOTW

I enjoy the feel of a tongue on my asshole.  It has happened a few times, mainly in the early days of our relationship. Back then I would worry for about three seconds about the "dirtiness" of the act, but then the pleasure takes over and I forget about all that and just enjoy it.  I think Master has lost interest rimming though, which is all right, I would never want him to do it for me unless he actually liked it.   If he doesn't, then that is that.

He never forced me to do it to him, although once I asked him if I could because I thought he might like it.  We were in the shower, and first I soaped and rinsed his ass really well.  Then I knelt behind him and licked him right on the hole.  I think he liked it ok, but since then he's never had me do it again.  I think perhaps the possibility of germs bothers him more than what he got out of it.  



  1. In the shower is a good place to try it for the first time, I think. Soap and hot water are Good Things. :)

  2. In the shower is actually a really good idea. *adds to mental list of ideas


  3. My partner is always worried about germs so whilst he enjoyed the one time it happened, I think the worry for him just outweighs the enjoyment for him.


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