Saturday, April 15, 2017

Current Project: Translation

My current project for my Master is translating a naughty French novel of 1748.  I bought a cheap paperback online without realizing it was in French.  I couldn't find an English one for anything like an affordable price, so I'm translating, page by page.

Here is a sample:

No, please my dear Abbot, replied Madame C. it will be nothing, I swear: all that you have said cannot calm my fears; and I have given you a pleasure that I could not taste, this isn't right.  So let me do it.  I will put this small bugger...
Well! She continued, "Are you satisfied with my breasts and thighs?  Have you fucked enough, have you had enough excitement?  Why do you pull my cuffs above my elbow?  Sir likes to see the movements of my naked arm?  Do I do well? You haven't said a word! Ah! Naughty! He has pleasures!"

There was a moment of silence.  Then all of a sudden I heard the Abbot who cried out:
"My dear mother, I cannot take it anymore, a little faster, give me your little tongue, I pray you: ah! There!"

Judge, my dear Count, the state I was in during this edifying conversation.  I tried twenty times to get up, to try to find some opening through which I could see them, but the sounds of the leaves always held me back.

This is Therese Philosophe by Boyer D'Argens.  It is quite an anti-clerical book as well as erotica.  I use google translate a lot to help me when my French is lacking.   My favorite, of course, is the spanking scene.  I know there is at least one in there, though I haven't gotten to it yet, because of its inclusion in my book of erotica as an excerpt. 


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