Thursday, April 13, 2017

Lipstick, Canes and More

Tuesday I needed to pick Master up at the oil change car shop after dropping the youngest at school.  I only had one thing (as much as possible while doing 100 mundane things to get ready) on my mind, which was Master. 

I put on some whore-red 16 hour kiss proof lipstick, heavy eye make up to balance it, my most padded bra and tight shirt, along with a skirt and boots.  

On one hand I was hoping with wouldn't make it all the way home without some sexy action, but on the other I kind of wanted breakfast at Perkins.  As if he were a mind reader, when I picked him up he suggested breakfast at Perkins before I even said anything.   I felt like quite the slut suggestively eating my hash browns and sausages among the old (er) people that make up the weekday breakfast crowd.   Our waitress was young, with nose piercings and interesting hair, and noticed nothing amiss. 

After we ate Master directed me to drive to the woods nearby where we could pick up some Pokemon.  It was a dreary, cold, nearly raining day so no one else was out.  Once we were into the forest he played the game and directed me to fondle his cock through his pants.   I wanted him/it so bad I was nearly sizzling.  He pretended to be barely interested in me or what I was doing, although the occasional moan and the hard cock I held told me otherwise.

We went to yet another park, this one with no private spaces for getting frisky, before heading back home.

He immediately ordered me to go get undressed and put in the butt plug.  He had me bring him the paddle and get on my knees.  He alternated the sucking with a little fucking and paddling until he was ready to go upstairs.  Pushing me to my knees, he got behind me and teased my lips apart.  He entered me with a hard thrust and I pushed back into him, desperately wanton.  Soon he ordered me to stand and face the dresser.   I felt the soft floggers against my back and began to relax into it.   He switched up to the stingy set of floggers and my cunt began to drip traces down my leg.   Master set the floggers aside and brought out an assortment of canes.  The heavy red one was first. 

The middle two felt the same to me, although Master says one of them is more fun in his hand, the feel of it is nicer for him.  Then last was the misery stick.  I'm rarely prepared for that sting.

He had me in bed then, slapping my breasts (as you can see in the picture the other day where they were still all red) and making me come until we were both exhausted.  He asked where I wanted him to come and after some hesitation and hemming and hawing (not allowed) I admitted I was hoping for my ass to be fucked.   He did not do this, he just wanted to hear me say it; instead he finished in my cunt as he wished.   I think we kind of passed out for a bit then; I still had the butt plug in.  

Oh, and the 16 hour kiss proof lipstick did not survive.  :)   


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