Sunday, April 16, 2017

Growing Up, But Not TOO Much

Our oldest kid is at the age when we start to wonder if he's going to want to do Easter egg hunts or not.  He just got his Driver's permit, after all! I took him out driving on Friday and Master did yesterday.  It's a bit frightening to think about. 

 In my opinion, you can never be too old for hunting eggs, and I only stopped because when you leave home and get married the Easter bunny doesn't come any more.  Kind of like Santa, that bastard.  

Then I had the somewhat zen realization that for the Easter bunny to exist you must become the Easter bunny yourself.    

Master thought he might be too old, though, so I asked the kid if he still wanted to do egg hunts and he said "Yeah, of course!"   


I got up at 5am to hide the eggs, mostly because a headache woke me up.  Then at 6 the smaller kid was bouncing around asking if he could wake up his brother.  I made him wait a whole half an hour. 


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