Wednesday, April 26, 2017

One Jumping Jack: The Humiliation

Tuesday, I dressed up for Master before he got home.  We had a whole day with no one home and nothing planned except for being together.  It was a great feeling to have that stretched in front of us.   I put on an old blue button down shirt that Master had given me.  He likes the look of me wearing a man's shirt and nothing else.  I discovered that it had no buttons down to my navel and I remembered he'd ripped them all off last time I wore it and I'd never sewn them back on.   Good times.

I also put on my leather collar and wrist cuffs.  A touch of lipstick, combed my hair and cleaned my undercarriage, and I was all set!   I made some breakfast for him.

When he came in he looked me all up and down hungrily.   I cuddled up close to his chest and took a deep breath, inhaling him.  He cuddled me back then stepped away and ripped the shirt open, sending the last button flying.  Then he sat down to eat.

Afterward he took me upstairs.  He had me get the camera out so he could make a movie of me doing jumping jacks with the nipple clamps on.  First one set went on.  I took a deep breath to prepare for the other which went on below them.  This isn't too bad, right? (ha!)   

"Jumping jacks now?" I asked, a little plaintively.  

"Yup," he said. 

I jiggled up and down just a little bit, wincing.

"Come on, jump, jump!" he encouraged. 

I did one very small jumping jack and cried.  

He took the clamps off.  I moaned some more.

Then he got out some ropes and tied my hands and arms in front of me as I took some deep breaths.  I realized he hadn't even picked up the camera yet.

"You didn't get a video of my jumping jack.  I could do it again." I don't know where my mind goes at times.  I didn't want to fail, that was the thing.

"Nope, we are moving on now to something else", he said.  My one little jumping jack with nipple clamps was just too pathetic for movies.  The humiliation!  I know I could do more if I got another chance.   Well, maybe.  That really hurt like fucking ouch!

Instead of more painful jumping, I got tied and fucked and flogged.  He put me face down over the chaise longue and fucked me until my knees were so weak I could barely stand up.  He fucked me doggy style on the floor until he came.  

He told me to get in bed, and I lay face down as he got the music set up.   John Denver?  
He started caning me and singing along, one song after another.   He began with the really heavy, thuddy cane.  Then the lighter, springier one.   My butt is still quite sore.   When he was done I found out he'd made a video of part of it, which was absolutely hilarious.  He's singing "Country Roads" but making the lyrics all dirty.  I'm lying there with my tied hands covering my face shaking with laughter as he's leaving red welts all over my backside.   With all the laughter and floating around in subspace it was just the most beautiful thing. 


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  1. What fun...and I am so jealous, been away wearing my grandma hat for a couple of weeks...and I am ready to hang that up for a bit. Oh, and I am a fan of John Denver also...and will think of the the two of you next time I hear him...hugs abby


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